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The State of the Household

I did not get chosen to sit on a jury, though it took most of 6 hours to get to that point.

Last night was the last meeting for my fall women’s Bible study, and I have to say I already look forward to the next session, which will start sometime in January.

It occurs to me that I should start with the holiday candy and cookie making fairly soon if I intend to have anything done in time to send it before Christmas.  Also, the house is a total mess, which will greatly hinder the decorating-for-Christmas plans we have been nursing all week but have been too busy to follow through with.

So today is a cleaning day–cleaning the last of the kitchen (which we started last night) so it can be cooked in again, finishing the laundry I got mostly done on Tuesday, tidying up and putting away all the things in the living room, dining room, and office that have gotten stacked into piles and shoved out of the way in the last few weeks.  Also, I will check the mail.

And since it’s frigid outside today, I’ll most likely take a break to read on the couch while snuggled under the magic blanket with the dog cuddled up beside me to keep me warm.

All in all?  Things are pretty good.  Now, on with the Christmas music and bottoms up to the coffee mug!



Okay, folks, it’s update time.

I’ve spent most of the day cleaning my desk, which might sound to some people like the job of an hour or so, but those people have not witnessed my desk. When I’m done entirely, I’ll take a photo and you can all ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at how lovely and clean it is.

In the meanwhile, Bob2 seems to be faring well. I’d post a photo, but it would look pretty much like all the other ones you’ve seen of Bob2 thus far, so that seems silly.

Shiloh has been a bit neglected lately, in the sense that Matt and I have both been either too busy or too disinclined to brave the cold temperatures in order to take her out for a proper walk or run around the park. But she makes do with running around the house like a demon with one or the other of her toys in her mouth. She also spends a great deal of time looking out the window, now that she can both see out a window and look at something (the parking lot) which is interesting at least some of the time.

Notice that the ledge is at just the right height for her to rest her chin there while she watches. Very convenient.

I took this one this morning when she was playing with her squeaky bowling pin. The body has a nice duck-call noise when you squeeze it, and the rubber’s tough enough to take her chewing for more than five minutes without falling apart.

So that’s what’s going on in the Whitt home today.


Wasting Time–And Bob2

I got up this morning thinking it was a fine day for writing. Consequently, I haven’t written a thing.

I did make myself file our taxes, though, so at least that’s done. We get a refund–yay!–and it’s bigger than last year’s, which isn’t saying much, since we only got $7 last year. But I think that doing my taxes might have eaten my brain, because although I can think of three or four things off the top of my head that I could do (ranging from things I really ought to do all the way through things I really shouldn’t waste time on but that are usually fun), I have no desire to do anything. Nothing at all. No ambition, no drive. I could just sit here clicking “refresh” on my FaceBook homepage. Wait, that’s what I HAVE been doing for the last half hour.

So I thought as long as I was wasting my own time, I might as well waste yours, too. Generous, aren’t I?

Earlier this week, in the flurry of melodrama surrounding my laptop, I mentioned that I had an update about Bob2. Here it is:

I finally caved and dug out all the little glued-in rocks around Bob2’s base. I did this mostly with a rather long pencil, and even then Bob2 viciously attacked my fingers once or twice. His soil is now open to the air, and I added 1/4 cup of water right away, because he was very dry. I have a feeling that wasn’t enough water, but as we have established, I know nothing.

Anyway, there were a lot of rocks. I’ve kept them, at least for the time being, in case they come in handy for something. Here’s the photo of Bob2, freed of his gluey rocks, and the dish of rocks from which he has been freed. Beneath them is a page I pulled out of the newspaper with muffin recipes I thought looked tasty, and which served to keep my desk more or less un-dirt-ified while the glued-rock excavation took place.

So there you have it. Bob2 is, at least, not dead within his first month.

I’m headed to Nashville next week–any suggestions on activities I shouldn’t miss while I’m there? We’re pretty flexible on schedule.

And now I’m going to go be boring somewhere else, because you fine folks surely have better things to do. Have a good one!


Disaster Area

The kitchen is a mess this morning. This is mostly because we didn’t clean it after any of our meals yesterday. Probably because we were both exhausted–Matt spent 8 hours organizing the annual breakfast burrito fundraiser with the 5th and 6th graders at church, and aside from my usual Sunday morning activities, I took an hour and a half bike ride with a friend. We had fried food and popcorn for dinner. Great way to recoup calories. :)

At any rate, the whole house really is pretty appalling. There’s stuff everywhere… not dirty stuff. Just a jumble of things that haven’t been taken care of or put in their proper place.

And, oddly enough, I’m sort of looking forward to cleaning today. As long as I can keep moving, it shouldn’t take too long, and my iPod has full battery power, so I can get my groove on while I work, too.

The dog seems to think she’s entitled to more excitement than we are currently providing, but that’s just tough cookies for her. She’ll survive. I’m pretty sure she’s been watching the bunnies outside through the window, and wants to go chase them.

It’s supposed to get above 70 this afternoon, so maybe we can head to a dog park and have some fun a bit later.

Have I mentioned that I like Girl Scout Cookies? Well I do. And now I have. I’m sure you feel better knowing that. I know I do.


On To The Next Round

Had run on Friday and Saturday at WorldCon. Found more people I know, good food, etc. Had to leave after lunch on Saturday because our good friends were getting married, so we went to the wedding and did a lot of swing dancing at the reception (whee swing dancing!). Got home late, and I decided against church this morning so that I could a) recover a little bit of the sleep I’ve lost in the last few days, b) get an earlier start on the laundry and, subsequently, the packing, c) get all the things done that need to be done before we leave tomorrow aside from the aforementioned packing.

So far, things are going more or less without a hitch. I’m trying to decide whether it would be better to take a nap this afternoon and accept my shortened sleeping hours tonight, or whether I might actually go to sleep early this evening and not lose that much sleep anyway. I have a feeling the latter is a pipe dream, so I’ll probably be taking a nap before too very long.

And that’s where we stand. Hope your weekend’s been lovely!


Take That, Dirty House!

My tidying this afternoon turned into a wholesale spring cleaning after Matt got home from class. I have a niggling feeling that there are some things still in the office closet that should have been taken out and gotten rid of or rearranged or something like that, but all things considered I’m extremely happy. I’ve got one medium-sized box of things–non-urgent mail, magazines, and other various things that have been hanging about the apartment (like the candy from my Christmas stocking)–that I’ll need to go through tomorrow, but otherwise everything has been cleaned and cleaned out.

Two weeks’ worth of laundry is done AND all put away, which verges on the miraculous all by itself. We also took out about six bags of trash and have three good sized bags, mostly of clothes, to take to Goodwill. The new shelves and TV cabinet have opened up a huge amount of space, so we’ve turned the old TV stand into a dining room buffet-type thing (it makes sense, I promise), which means we have more space in the kitchen cabinets and the pantry. Let the world rejoice. Okay, maybe not the world, but certainly this household.

I’ll tackle the box in the morning before my lunch meeting, then come home and spend some quality time with that novel I’m supposed to be writing. This was a great day for that “tangible evidence of accomplishment” I get so hung up on.


National Toilet Paper Buying Day

On some levels it’s nice to know that despite enforcing a spending hiatus during March and almost all of April, I haven’t lost the knack for tossing away large sums of money in one afternoon. Today’s spending wasn’t even frivolous – I browsed through two shoe stores AND my favorite bookstore and left all three places without having drawn my wallet. Shock! Okay, I’ll be honest – I went to the bookstore to see whether one or more of the books I’m waiting for had been shelved yet, even though their official release dates are all on the 29th. If any of the three had been there, I would have bought them. But alas, they weren’t, so I didn’t buy anything.

No, the $350 I spent today went toward one tank of gas, one car wash, one pair of shoes (to replace Matt’s pair that is sporting multiple holes), and one trip to Sam’s Club. Granted, several items at Sam’s are things we don’t have to stock up on often – like the box of 10 reams of printer paper. But it’s amazing how fast the tally adds up.

Also of note: I am now convinced that today, April 21, 2008, is National Bulk Toilet Paper Buying Day. I saw more people with super-giganto packages of toilet paper in their carts than I ever have before. Luckily, I was there to buy some too, so I didn’t miss out on the opportunity to honor this venerable holiday.

My schedule for this afternoon will continue with the happy trend of domesticity, including finishing the laundry I started last week (and doing this week’s too) and cleaning up the nuclear waste dump that used to be our living and dining room. If that doesn’t kill me, I’ll move on to the office and maybe, just maybe, the kitchen.


I Can’t Think of a Clever Title

It’s been beautiful here all day. Warm breezes, sunshine, and temps in the high 60s all afternoon. We opened the windows and the porch door pretty much right away, and only closed them after the sun went down because it started getting too cool.

I spent the day cleaning the whole house which, although not always my favorite activity, was really satisfying. Maybe it has to do with tangible, visible progress at something, which is gratifying in light of the utter waste of a week I feel like I’ve had up to this point. And, you know, now there aren’t things around the house that will be distracting me when I get back to the writing.

Things are looking good, all things told.

And we’ve got six of our closest friends coming over for small group tonight (which was the impetus for actually cleaning everything). I’m really looking forward to that.

Totally unrelated: I need to make a list of all the things I’m taking with me to Ohio next month, since I don’t have a place to gather them all until I pack. I’ve got a lot of books, movies, and other various and sundry things that we borrowed and never quite managed to get back. Oh, and there are gifts, too. Can’t meet my only nephew with empty hands!


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