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Confession, Part 2

There’s a movie coming out soon, and it’s got a decent cast and lovely trailers and in general it seems like the sort of thing I might be interested in, in a broad sweeping general sense. Probably not something we’d go out of our way to see in the theater, but we rent $1 DVDs fairly often.

But I just can’t get past the fact that as far as I can tell, it is a story of the dramatic struggle of the man who invented windshield wipers. And it’s called Flash Genius, or something like that. Now, call me crazy, but windshield wipers aren’t exactly blockbuster movie material in my book and, furthermore, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that something to clear the rain off a windshield would be a nice thing. I have no idea what in the world might warrant the “Flash” in the title.

Every time I see one of the commercials, I start laughing. Not as hard as I did for the T-Rex in the Meet the Robinsons trailer, but still.

Windshield wipers.

*runs away giggling*


The Tower of the Firstborn

For anyone who’s wondered whether anyone is putting out amazingly cheesy and badly dubbed movies these days, I would like to bring The Tower of the Firstborn to your attention.  If you follow that link you will find a movie titled in Italian from 1998, but you will notice that it was released on DVD in the States under its English title just this past May.  I found it in the Redbox and rented it because it looked interesting – and I’m glad I didn’t have my heart set on a fantastic heretofore unheard-of historic epic, because Matt and I were laughing hysterically by about five minutes in.

Now, this was actually filmed as a TV miniseries by Italian producers, filmed in Tunesia, and it was first released (as far as I can tell) three years ago in Hungary – and yet everyone is obviously speaking English, even though the dubbing doesn’t always line up right.  And you’ll run into everything from amnesiacs to an airplane rigged as a “desert boat” to murderous brothers, greedy sheiks, mysterious aliens, incompatible lapses of time, and a man who looks entirely too much like the Catholic Church’s image of Jesus playing the heroic lead.  If it’s not obvious and cliche, it’s overacted.

I’m not sure I recommend it on its own merits, but if you have three or four hours to kill and you want some great laughs, it can’t be beat.


Good Times

I wrote just over 1500 words yesterday; deleted some things from the manuscript’s Need To Do list and added a few more.

On the docket for today:

  • Catching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix before noon to get super-cheap tickets.
  • Potentially cashing in my piggy bank change so I can go buy books. (Yes, it’s actually shaped like a pig, and my pocket change goes into it at the end of every day.)
  • More writing this afternoon.
  • Finish reading my current book.

In the freakishly odd category for the day, I counted up all my coinage to see how many books I could start thinking about buying, and found that there was an exact dollar amount in the piggy.  Weird.


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