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The Mayans Were Right After All….

The apocalypse is about to start, because I’m updating the blog twice IN THE SAME WEEK.  It’s madness out there, people. I’m posting for two reasons, both of which are quite trivial.  Yay!  The first is that I feel the … Continue reading

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I Broked It–But Then I Fixed It!

It’s possible that I just took the doorknob off the front storm door… less than two hours before the kids will be arriving en masse for Bible study. Oops. Good thing I’m smart and rigged a temporary solution.

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Adventures in Parking

I got a parking ticket today. It was tucked into the driver door of the 4Runner when I came out of the coffee shop, having spent a fruitful hour and a half sipping at a truly lovely iced cold-pressed-coffee with … Continue reading

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Random Thought

I was listening to the radio while driving today, and “Bye Bye” by JoDee Messina (sp?) came on–it’s one of those songs I love to sing along to, which makes it rather remarkable that I’ve never noticed that the line … Continue reading

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My Stupid Brain Won’t Let Me Sleep Until I Type This

Sometimes, when I go to bed, my brain keeps trying to think of things I should take care of. Some nights, I just tell it to shut up, and it does, and I go to sleep, and if it’s important … Continue reading

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Deep Question

Why is it that, when I’ve set a timer to remind me to do something (anything from taking dinner out of the oven to checking the laundry), I have this crazy ESP and I check how much time I have … Continue reading

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Flattered, But Baffled

I have a confession to make. I check this blog’s stats almost as often as a published author checks their Amazon ranking. I like numbers, I like seeing trends, and I really like bar graphs that make everything super-easy to … Continue reading

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On The Benefits of Ordering Things

I didn’t particularly think about it a few days ago when I posted last, but last week I managed to spend money ordering several things. You might ask, “What did you order, Betsy? Clothes?” To which I would laugh and … Continue reading

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How My Dog Got Me A Paid Job For A Day

Once upon a time, there was a young couple who lived in Colorado. They adopted a puppy, and named her Shiloh, and the couple and their puppy often played in a big undeveloped field next to their apartment complex. There … Continue reading

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The Amazing Exploding Blog Post!

Those of you who are Facebook and/or Twitter friends already know about our flaming oven, but I thought it was worth more than a couple of 160-character update. Once upon a time (read: Friday evening) a we were at home … Continue reading

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