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I’ve been quiet lately. Mostly that’s because although I’ve gotten things done, they haven’t been very interesting. I’ve made minimal progress with the manuscript revisions, which is really frustrating. But the time hasn’t been a waste.

I researched options and interviewed several people for the job of training Shiloh more extensively. Not only is it part of my 2010 resolutions list, but it’s also becoming rather important for optimally enjoying our life with her. We’ll be moving forward with lessons and daily training homework in a few weeks; until then both our chosen trainer and we have rather hectic schedules.

I also researched our options for getting better TV for less money, and tried to enact changes on that front, but the dastardly tree outside the office window is directly in the line of sight for both satellite companies, which means we’re stuck with the stupid cable company. All that took about five times as much time as I would have hoped, and in the end we’re not saving any money or getting better service. Stinky stinky.

The recent experiment on whether I can pull off the full-time writer gig have yielded their results. It seems that I go through natural spurts and dry spells of lots of writing and then none at all, and those happen regardless of whether I’m also holding down a day job. Thus, it makes no sense for me to not be bringing in money regularly. Thussity thus, I’ll be putting out feelers for part-time job opportunities. I’ve got some ideas of places to start and am not in a huge hurry, so I feel like I’m in a decent position to find a job I’ll like and be able to stay in for a long time.

Otherwise, I’ve been reading, taking care of various chores and tasks around the house that generally get put off and are nice to take care of, and doing all my normal church things.

Decent progress, but not interesting. How’s your month going?


2010 Resolutions

As I mentioned yesterday, I have been brewing up some resolutions for the new year.  Concrete goals for myself that will direct my progress and stretch me–sometimes in entirely new directions, and sometimes in ways I haven’t been stretching lately, and that I miss.

So here’s my list, with some notes:

  1. Write and revise a whole novel. I have the ideas sorted out in my head, but I really need to speed up my production process. This will take the most dedicated time of all my resolutions, but I’m confident that I can do it.
  2. Research dog training options and complete Shiloh’s Canine Good Citizen certification. Elements of the test are listed and explained on the AKC website. Also included in this will be attention to Shiloh’s sometimes-excessive warning barks at noises outside (especially knocks on the door).
  3. Finish five quilting projects. These can be projects I’ve already started which have been sitting unfinished in the closet.  There are at least two of those, and I have a solid idea for a third quilt to gift someone special this year.  A corollary to this is the goal of not buying new fabric for these projects, but using materials already in my stash.
  4. Read 50 fiction books already on our shelves that I haven’t read before. Because there are a lot of books that I’ve picked up from various sources and never read, and I’d like to remedy that.  Also, reading books we already own saves money, whether it’s book-buying money or gas money getting to the library.
  5. Exercise for one hour every week. This seems like a pitifully little amount of exercise, but I’m keeping in mind that 1) I will be traveling a lot this year, and should still be able to maintain this goal despite that (even though exercise usually flies out the window when I travel), and 2) my everyday life is pretty active, and this refers to dedicated exercise time, not incidentals like pushing around the vacuum.
  6. Query five agents every week until a contract of representation is signed. This is pretty self-explanatory to me.  I don’t stop querying at requests for partials or fulls, an offer of representation (or many!), or anything else except a signed contract.

That’s it.  Those are the things I am resolved to accomplish this year.  I intend to print them out and hang them in some conspicuous place so that I cannot forget them or ignore them.  I think it will be a good year.


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