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Deadline Met

I just emailed my pages to everyone that needs them; not as much done as I had hoped for, but much more than I feared. I feel good about the progress.

And now, off to a slightly belated birthday dinner out with Matt!


Home Again

I’m safe, I’m home, I am in possession of one round-trip air ticket to anywhere in the lower 48 states in the next year, but (alas) I don’t have residency pictures to show you yet.

In truth, I found that I carried the camera around a lot and kept forgetting to actually get pictures. Furthermore, I haven’t seen the camera cable lately, so we’ll have to wait for me to unpack it before anything gets exported, uploaded, and posted here.

Did I mention that I had a fantastic week? The best residency so far, I think. Good things all around.

Now it’s time for me to go drop Matt off at the church for a youth retreat, and on the way back I think I’ll stop at Blockbuster to rent me some girly movies for the weekend. I think I’m gonna go with classics this time around. Something like Casablanca.


Residency Update

I realized today that I’ve been so busy having fun at residency that I haven’t been posting updates of any kind.  

It’s fantastic here, as usual, getting together with this fantastic group of people. I can’t adequately describe it, so I won’t even really try in my current state of mild sleep deprivation. However, I will try to carry my camera around with me tomorrow to perhaps add a visual element to my gushing.

Mentor meetings were tonight, and I think mine went very well. I’m looking forward to working with Gary, and I think we both came away feeling like things will go well in the coming months. He approved my reading list books, but of course I don’t have it next to me now so I can’t give you a final list at the moment.

Also, it’s come to my attention that the video clip of Shiloh chasing her tail was quite well received, so I’ll do my best to provide a few more such amusements in the future. If we had a better camera, I could video tape her nightly spaz-run around the apartment, but I don’t think I could capture more than a dark blur as things stand. Don’t worry, though. I’ll work it out.

More love and pictures tomorrow. What am I doing up this late?


Writing Day

Plans changed for Saturday, so today’s the writing day instead… unfortunately, with Matt home and playing Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii, I’m going to need to go into the office to work.  Trouble with that is the office windows leak and we haven’t been able to get maintenance out to fix them, which means the office usually ends up being about 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the apartment.  I’ve got a space heater under the desk and I’ll have my tea, but I really don’t want to go in there.  Also, at this point I hardly remember where I left off writing, much less where to start today.    

Maybe I’ll work on my legends. That’s not a bad idea.

I checked my flight info for Friday, when I’ll be traveling to PA for residency, and realized that I’m getting up at a ridiculously early hour. I’ll be a zombie by the end of orientation. Just you watch.

Also, I have no idea what to wear for the “come as you aren’t” wine social on Sunday. Ideas?

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